The lock guide

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How to create a safe locking environment

There is a lot you can do to reduce the risk of burglary and it is important to know the function and safety of their intrusion. The costs are small compared with the impact of what a burglary can mean. The lock guideby ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions helps you understand how to use fittings and locks to create a safe locking environment.

So, how do you know you've got an approved lockset?

To ensure that you receive full compensation for a burglary you need to meet the burglary protection requirements of your insurance policies. Any deficiencies may cause you to miss out on compensation in case of burglary. Get in touch with your insurance company if you are unsure what conditions apply to your household insurance.

Using insurance claims as a measure of your protection, do not mean the same thing as you have adequate protection. Their requirement is a minimum for your insurance policy to be accepted. This can mean that you have to complete them in order to get full protection, for example with an approved lock. It is you who responsible and must look after your residence.
You should be aware of that traditional exterior doors are not classified as security doors. You can equip these traditional front doors with an approved lock, but it won't be classified as a security door. This can still be recommended as a solution, since it considerably more difficult for a burglar and most importantly, it provides a greater security. Before investing in an improved intrusion protection, you must assess whether the door is stable and has a good function. In some cases it may be better to replace the entire door.

The basis of the insurance conditions are often the so-called SSF standards handled by the Swedish Theft Protection Association (SSF) on behalf of the Insurance Federation. If the locking device is approved it means that the requirements for approved locks are fulfilled by the insurance company.


Godkänd låsenhet

 An approved lock consists:
1. An approved Lock, lock class 3
2. "Slutbleck" approved in the lock class 3
3. Lock case with lock-off as toggle switches or a round double cylinder (key from both inside and outside) and the necessary accessories approved in the lock class 3
4. Approved Door reinforcement, at least lock class 4


The different components are classified individually. Note that although each individual component can handle lock class 3 it doesn't mean that they automatically work together as an approved lock. If you choose a total solution from ASSA ABLOY Opening olutions you know that the products are optimized to work together, and that's the best way to assure that the requirements for an "approved lock" are met.