A product can be tested by ATL according to three methods: accredited testing, development testing or testing in for product revision.

Accredited testing

In an accredited test, the product is tested against a specific standard and with approved testing methods in accordance with SS-EN 17025. Test protocol from ATL is the basis for CE certificates from third party certification bodies. ATL is one of the few test labs in Sweden that meets the requirements for accredited test methods for building fittings.

Development testing

Development testing is a test that is uniquely designed for the product or the client. ATL has extensive experience of tailor-made tests of everything from mechanical load, wear, breaking strength, heat and cold stress and so on.

Testing at product revision

Testing at product revision is part of the quality work during production. This is to ensure the product properties during serial production. ATL's history and prospects provide a long-term safety when identical tests must be done over a long time.

Advisory body for certification

ATL is a partner of companies whose products will later be certified. In addition to testing, we also assist with the handling of documentation, drawings, maintenance instructions, assembly instructions and contacts with certifying units.

Companies that develop products for construction fittings can turn to ATL. We know which standards are relevant for different product groups and what is required by different requirements makers, insurance companies and customers.